That Weird Mom

That Weird Mom

Swimming against the current is hard work. Feels a little like I’m going upstream in a river of glue right now!

For several reasons, I pulled the plug on Leó going to preschool. And simultaneously resigned myself to being the weird mom that gets the raised-eyebrow-stare-smiles 🙂 This goes completely against the norm here.
On paper it wasn’t the smartest choice, the cure for burnout probably isn’t hidden in doing more of the same. But there are certain things I absolutely will not compromise on, and my gut feeling and my kids’ emotional development are two of them.

Not that they aren’t doing their best in that school, they are. It’s just that as a society, our methods are outdated, the bag of tricks most use to raise kids is filled with mismatched, emotionally charged, complicated pieces. We need to clean out the toolbox and make what we’ve learned about the nervous system and attachment a starting point in our communication with young humans.

And my son just needs a little more time.

Boys who can’t cry become angry men. Girls who are shamed become women who are afraid to follow their hearts.

Bottom line: children need to feel like they matter. They need us to step into their shoes. They need connection before correction. Kids aren’t small grow ups, they are at another, separate, stage of life and we need to adjust our expectations accordingly.
So for a while longer, it’s me, my best little friend, and our new au pair making things work 🙂
Here’s to upstream swimming, it’s worth it in the end!

2 thoughts on “That Weird Mom”

  • You are doing the right thing! Not that you were asking for votes, but I’m giving you mine anyway.

    If you don’t feel like it’s right for Leo to go to pre-school, good for you. No one will love your child in daycare/preschool like you will love him at home. The cure for burnout is realizing that you’re going to be burnt out. But better to be burnt out with no regrets in this short term than to regret pushing him into something that wasn’t developmentally right for him. You know what is best.

    And I also love the “upstream in a river of glue.”

    • Thank you!!! That is such a good point. I will always be glad I did this in the long run. I appreciate the vote! Haha

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