Anniversary Feels

Anniversary Feels

Last weekend, almost exactly six years after I stayed there last, I fell asleep in the cottage where I stayed the night before our wedding. Before I drifted off, in the very same bed, I couldn’t help thinking of 2012 Elísa, lying there in the totally light summer night, trying to force myself to sleep despite literal tremors from pre-wedding nerves. On my back of course, to keep the face perfect, with exactly one coat of mascara on and a scientifically calculated amount of moisturizer. 👰

I now wish I could have let that nervous wreck know how things turned out six years down the road in the same place: Addi fast asleep with his arm around me, and our boy and girl sleeping in bunk beds in the next room
<3 <3 <3

2012 vs. 2017

(Can I be bothered to fix the brightness on that picture to make it look good? Absolutely not.)

In other news, despite it only being a few years, we are already starting to look a bit ridiculous in our pictures. I can see which parts our kids will make fun of in the future… I thought we had more time! At least we took out our facial piercings before the wedding… #dearlord

And my GODDAMN bra strap is visible in every. single. picture. (WordPress desperately needs the laugh-cry emoji)


Anyway, this time warp incident made me think that maybe life usually turns out better than we could have possibly imagined. And maybe we don’t have to worry so damn much all the time. I’m gonna try to keep this in mind the next time I’m hyperventilating over something trivial, probably two hours from now.


I will most likely post pretty wedding pictures every year until the internet is over, but for now I’ll leave you with one from the blooper reel:


Off to celebrate with the annual anniversary burgers and champagne, and high-five the absolute best husband a girl could ask for.



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