I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m so glad you’re here!

Thanks for coming! There’s just one problem: it turns out the first post on a new blog is impossible to write! So I will just begin with an introduction that will in no way begin to cover who I am, but might give you an idea of where my head is at these days:

Hi. I’m Elísa 🙂 I like writing that is funny but sincere. I like people who look me in the eye and people who speak from the heart.  I like to think that I like roaring parties and rock music, but honestly, after a year of sleep deprivation my dream scenario  right now is to lie face down on a massage table, while drinking wine through a straw. Also, if someone could feed me cake at the same time, that would be great.

I have the privilege of caring for two relatively new humans, in great cooperation with someone who chose to spend his life with me and even bought us matching pieces of jewellery to visually prove that to other people. He must really like me because he puts up with a lot of clothes stealing (pro tip: if you’re looking for a husband/wife, find someone of a similar size who buys comfortable clothing), beard criticising and overthinking.

The way we like to welcome our offspring to Earth is to  use gentle methods within a firm framework and respect who they are as people. That can absolutely be a pain in the butt sometimes, like when they demonstrate excellent leadership skills and determination, while you have 0 minutes to get out the door. Giving them boundaries while not squashing their spirit is tricky.

I’m a foodie and plant based foods are a passion…dare I say the V-word? (Not vagina. Vaginas are awesome and should be talked about all the time. I mean, a portal that brings people miraculously from who knows where? Amazing). Not all vegans are self-righteous and judgemental, some of us just really like vegetables and trust other people to be comfortable with their own choices.

It’s important to me to help other people feel better if I possibly can. Apart from the best job ever of hanging out with teenagers, I teach yoga, write, do motivational speaking, blessingway ceremonies, retreats and design. Only fun stuff, basically.

Our dream is to do world schooling with the kids (you know that thing where you travel around the world with your children when they really should be in school a.k.a. The Sit Down and Shut Up factory) 🙂 And then take ridiculously amazing family photos that we will keep in the black hole of your hard drive forever, because printing is a pain in the butt and we seriously need an updated method, it’s 2017 people! I’d like to see instant printing through the air by now.

I like to joke about a lot of things and I’m very hard to offend. I sometimes forget that that might not be the case with everyone.

I am a recovering perfectionist. I aspire to be a human being, not the perfect-eating, instagram-ready, straight A in life robot I was trying to be. Challenging myself to being un-perfect on purpose is really fun, like inviting a play group over while all the major food groups are still being represented on the floor. Because whatever. They know what it’s like.

We have a house that we are renovating one tiny bit at a time, if you have ever taken on a huge job with two kids in three years you will know exactly how maddening it is. So our focus is first on spending time with the kids, the projects will still be here when the tables turn and the kids need us less than we need them.

The way my life works is that the more I trust, the easier things become. So that’s how I make my decisions!

I want to change the world.

As you can see, my head is very busy with lots of different thoughts, coming from very diverse experiences in the years I’ve been here on the planet. I’ll try hard to find the right tone for this blog. Let the adventures begin!

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