Let’s do this thing!

Let’s do this thing!

Right now, I’m looking at the epic mess on my floor with one eye and watching Grey’s Anatomy with the other, while I really should be packing for our big trip in six days. It’s just that baby/toddler nap times are sacred, if your child isn’t sleeping at night, you do not stand up unless it’s to get food (ice cream) during nap time. Also, I’m definitely not frantically tidying up before my friend gets here later, instead I will let her feel better about her own home and judge the crap out of me. Good deed for the day: done. Multitasking.

It seems like I’m really doing this, the blog thing, and I’m pretty excited about it! I usually pour my heart out on Instagram, but only for a select few, and expanding to a bigger audience has felt very scary in the past. But something finally shifted, and here I am, not feeling all that afraid! Life is short you guys. And I need a place to put my words.
I won’t be a great blogger. I don’t have the time to fix the exposure on every image before I post it, and I won’t have new spectacular content on the exact same time every week (am I the only one who finds it completely overwhelming when people post something profound every damn day? Like give me a moment to digest your brilliance over here)… My home renovation is moving at the pace of a sedated sloth and my kids like to do their cute, photogenic things wherever the biggest mess is, always. But I am very passionate about a lot of things and I think that every now and then, I have something really worthwhile to bring to the table. Plus mama needs some authentic self expression, so here we are!

I once had a food related website, kind of a gathering place for like-minded people, where I would post pictures and recipes. Making my family wait at the dinner table over a perfectly good meal while I stood on a chair to get the best possible picture of said food, truly felt beyond ridiculous 🙂 So I want to land somewhere far away from the “don’t touch the food”-crazy robot lady, but close to the “pretty decent blog” place.

Anyway, what’s going on right now is that we are going to Thailand for a month, leaving in less than a week! I’ll be writing some articles about the trip in the newspaper Stundin. For the duration of the trip, the blog will be kind of an elaboration on what I write in the newspaper.

Okay. Back to packing as little as possible with a special organizing technique into everyone’s individually marked ziplock bags. God I love Virgoing out over this stuff.

Oh, and see that sunrise next to my house? Figures that when I’m escaping Nemesis: The Icelandic Winter, it puts on a whole show. Much appreciated, but the tropics are calling me.

More soon, thanks for stopping by! <3



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